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SAFE, Universal and Pilot SurgiGuide®

SAFE SurgiGuide® - Used with a brand specific guided surgery kit

For most cases, the preferred choice is a SAFE SurgiGuide®. It provides drill guidance, guided implant placement and full depth control.


Materialise Dental offers SAFE SurgiGuide® solutions that can be used with a variety of brand specific guided surgery kits: External Hex SAFE SurgiGuide® Kit (Materialise Dental), ANTHOGYR Guiding System (Anthogyr), Facilitate™ (AstraTech), Navigator™ (BIOMET 3i), ExpertEase™ (DENTSPLY Friadent), Straumann® Guided Surgery Kit (Straumann®), NobelGuide™ (Nobel Biocare), CAMLOG® Guide System (CAMLOG), and Zimmer Guided Surgery Instrumentation (Zimmer Dental). SAFE SurgiGuide® is considered to be the best solution in cases where the highest possible accuracy is deemed necessary, such as with esthetic cases or in the event of anatomical restrictions.

With SAFE SurgiGuide, an Immediate Smile® procedure is also in reach! Using a precise model of the patient's jaw and the appropriate SurgiGuide®, an accurate prosthesis can be manufactured by a dental technician prior to implant surgery. So, your patient can leave surgery after a single appointment with new teeth and a nice smile - an Immediate Smile®.

Universal SurgiGuide® - Used with a standard surgery kit to perform guided surgery

You want to use your standard surgery kit to perform guided implant surgery? Even if your implant company does not offer a guided surgery kit? You also want the accuracy of a single drill guide for the whole drill sequence? Then Universal SurgiGuide® gives you the right tool. It’s even compatible with the drills of any implant brand – genuinely a must-have in your practice! (*)







You can now use the standard tray of your implant brand to perform guided implant surgery – even if your implant company does not offer a guided surgery kit! A set of Universal SurgiGuide® Drill Keys provides for a flexible drill sequence, allowing you to modify your predefined drill procedure – just continue performing your implant surgery with the same dental drill guide and merely change your drill and Drill Key, it’s that simple! The Universal SurgiGuide® system is a flexible one, offering a wide selection of diameters and compatibility with drills of any implant brand.


As a SimPlant® software user, you can transfer your 3D implant planning onto your patients with ease using only one guide for the whole drill sequence. Just position your Universal SurgiGuide® before starting your drill sequence and you’re all set – there’s no need to reposition different guides during surgery. This increases the accuracy of your implant surgery and allows you to achieve the best possible outcome for your patient. Thanks to a special Universal SurgiGuide® Key Handle, it’s a piece of cake to switch from one diameter to another and reach any angle and position in the patient's mouth (**).

(*) In case
LongStop Drills are used, physical drill depth control is obtained.

(**) Universal SurgiGuide is now also available with lateral tube openings.

Pilot SurgiGuide® - Used to benefit from pilot drill guidance

Pilot SurgiGuide® has been designed to offer swift and accurate pilot drill guidance (*) for smaller and more straightforward cases. It offers clinicians optimal guidance during the often challenging initial drilling steps.




  • Provides an entry solution
  • Offers optimal guidance during pilot drilling
  • Allows for a broad range of pilot drill diameters
  • Is being delivered with a surgical protocol including drill diameter and drill depth
  • Gives the possibility to perform minimally invasive as well as conventional surgery

(*) In case LongStop Drills are used, physical drill depth control is obtained.