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SAFE SurgiGuide® clinical case - Dr. Davarpanah and Dr. Szmukler-Moncler

SAFE SurgiGuide®, compatible with a variety of brand-specific guided surgery kits, is generally considered to be the best solution for all implant cases. It provides drill guidance, guided implant placement and full depth control. Even an Immediate Smile® is in reach with SAFE SurgiGuide®.

Fig.1 - Pre-operative situation Fig.2 – Virtual implant planning, 3D view Fig.3 – Navigator SAFE SurgiGuide® seated on the teeth for minimally invasive surgery without raising mucoperiosteal flaps Fig.4 – 2.0mm Φ Navigator drill handle for guidance of the 2.0mm drill with physical stop for depth control
Fig.5 - 3.0mm Φ Navigator drill handle for guidance of the 3.0mm drill with physical stop for depth control Fig.6 – Navigator implant mount for guided implant placement with depth control Fig.7 – Final result after surgery Fig.8 – Temporary abutment in place
Fig. 9 - Provisional restoration Fig.10 – Relining of temporary restoration Fig.11 – Provisional prosthesis without occlusion and articulation Fig.12 – Final restoration, 1 year post-operative follow-up

Many thanks to Dr. S. Molloy for producing the prosthesis.

Universal SurgiGuide® clinical case - Dr. Knoernschild

Universal SurgiGuide® can be used with any standard implant surgery kit. Ideal, if you work with various implant brands or if your implant company does not offer a guided surgery kit. A compact set of Drill Keys ensures an accurate yet flexible guidance of the whole drilling sequence.



Fig.1 – Pre-treatment presentation Fig.2 – Edentulous maxillary arch after extraction of compromised teeth Fig.3 – Radiolucent PVS bite registration to stabilize the PMMA + barium radiographic guide during the CT scan Fig.4 – Overview of the virtually planned maxillary prosthesis
Fig.5 – Implant positions idealized within predicted prosthesis arch form Fig.6 – Implant positions idealized for occlusal load distribution Fig.7 – Implant positions in relation to maxillary sinuses Fig.8 – Universal SurgiGuide® placed on maxillary stereolithographic model
Fig.9 – Bone-supported Universal SurgiGuide® stably placed on the patient’s maxilla after mucoperiosteal flap Fig.10 – Accurate implant placement after Universal SurgiGuide® use Fig.11 – Post-treatment verification radiograph of implant positions Fig.12 – Completed patient rehabilitation

Thanks extended to Dr. Matthew Hallas for his contribution in completion and documentation of therapy.

Pilot SurgiGuide® clinical case - Dr. de Jonge

Pilot SurgiGuide® is a cost-efficient solution for implant treatment cases where accurate guidance of the first drilling step is sufficient. It is available in a wide range of pilot drill diameters.

Fig.1 – Pre-operative panoramic radiograph Fig.2 – Panoramic radiograph after sinus lifting Fig.3 – Try-in desired tooth set-up Fig.4 – Radio-opaque scan prosthesis
Fig.5 – Virtual implant planning, frontal 3D view Fig.6 – Virtual implant planning, panoramic view Fig.7 – Positioning of the Pilot SurgiGuide® on the patient’s jawbone after raising mucoperiosteal flaps  
Fig.8 – Guidance of the first drill by the Pilot SurgiGuide® ensuring control over position and angulation Fig.9 – Maxillary implant bar overdenture framework Fig.10 – Bar-retained removable overdenture  

SurgiGuide® ensures accurate and predictable surgery and provides the seamless link between your SimPlant® 3D treatment plan and actual treatment. Reduced surgery time, increased case success rates and esthetic perfection thanks to prosthetic driven planning and surgery are just a few benefits of guided implant placement.