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Testimonios de usuarios

SimPlant® is a wonderful tool that is not only easy to work with, but is also compatible with all scanners and all implant brands in the market. Planning your surgery can be done using your preferred implant brands. Materialise Dental has developed mucosa-, tooth- and bone-supported SurgiGuide® drill guides that will accurately guide any kind of implant into the right position in the patient’s bone.

Rasmy Shahnavaz, DDS, DMD

Materialise Dental does not only offer a wide range of user-friendly and unique implant planning tools – such as grafting tools, sinus lift tools, and a large library containing over 8000 implants and abutments – but also provides for different types of surgical drill guides to accurately transfer your planning onto your patient. Besides tooth- and mucosa-supported drill guides, Materialise Dental also offers bone-supported drill guides.

Philippe B. Tardieu, DDS

I can state without reservation that Materialise Dental’s SimPlant® technology has taken my practice to the next level. Hands down, it is the most versatile dental implant planning software available today. There is no question that I provide a higher standard of care with predictable prosthetically-driven dental implant placement through the routine use of SurgiGuide®. Without a doubt, the SimPlant® technology has made me a better dental implant surgeon.

Lynn Pierri, DDS, MS

Since I started using SurgiGuide® in my prosthodontic practice, both my patients and I are much more relaxed before and during the treatment. SurgiGuide® gives me full control over those final restorative design considerations that make even the most complex surgeries and the final restorations easier. As a result, patients leave my practice even more satisfied than before.

Douglas M. Erickson, DDS, MS

In the more complicated cases where the bone is limited and the implant must be in an exact position, a SurgiGuide® makes the surgery very simple, accurate , and stress free.

Gary Treinkman, DDS