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Dental scan guidelines

A dental scan guideline describes the clinical guidelines for a CT dental scan or cone-beam dental scan that is taken for the purpose of ordering a SimPlant dental implant planning project and/or a SurgiGuide dental drill guide from Materialise Dental.

This protocol is preferably transferred to the radiology department, together with the dental scan order.
With high-quality images, the preoperative plan can be made with greater ease and accuracy. At Materialise Dental, SurgiGuide dental drill guides are designed and generated based on both the dental scan images and the preoperative plan.

The image quality you experience within SimPlant dental software depends on the capability of the dental scanner to produce thin-sliced, high-resolution axial images. These axial images need to be provided or exported in the Dicom standard.

For CT dental scanners, the dental scan guidelines also provide the dicom export settings.
For cone-beam 3D scanners, these "export to dicom” settings are available in a separate "export protocol" that is fine-tuned for a specific manufacturer. These export protocols can be downloaded here.