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21 Jun 2011 - SimPlant 2011 – Fast and easy 3D implant treatment planning

On-the-spot overview of implants, compatible abutments and SurgiGuide® drill guide solutions

Browsing an implant library encompassing more than 8000 implants from 90 brands can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Not in SimPlant® 2011! The implant library has been designed so that it instantly shows clinicians what they are looking for:

• Select a preferred SurgiGuide® solution upfront to save time, both during planning and SurgiGuide® ordering
• Save time by choosing implant and abutment at once
• Accommodate specific prosthetic needs by starting from an abutment; only compatible implants will show up

Who wouldn’t love faster implant planning – time is precious, isn’t it!

Instant 3D visualization

SimPlant® Pro users can start case planning without having to separate the various anatomical structures (segmentation), thus reducing the time they spend on a case. This is one of the new advanced volume rendering features, combining superb visualization with extensive time savings.

At the same time, segmentation has been made faster with the instant 3D preview. High-quality 3D images showing separate tooth roots, antagonist jaws or prosthetic set-ups can be created – in less time. SimPlant® 2011 has the best tools available. Segmentation or not, with SimPlant® it’s your choice.

And so much more

SimPlant® 2011 is compatible with major intraoral scanners and opens files faster than ever before. It comes with a fully automatic update tool for the implant library and a direct link to the Materialise Dental Customer Service team. Additional new features include easily moving an implant along its axis, anonymizing a patient file and inspecting Virtual Teeth from both jaws simultaneously. SimPlant® 2011 also contains an updated SimPlant® OMS module for orthognathic surgery.

SimPlant® 2011 – a must-have!

SimPlant® means fast and easy 3D implant treatment planning for every case, from single tooth restorations to fully edentulous jaws. It’s easy to work with, compatible with all implant brands and CT and cone-beam scanners on the market. Moreover, SimPlant® 2011 is compatible with optical and intraoral scanners. An extensive range of SurgiGuide® solutions provide a more time-and cost-efficient way to realize esthetic perfection for all types of cases.

New SimPlant® users can benefit from the newly launched PlanAssist service for their first patient cases. From preparing the scan, to planning the case, to ordering a SurgiGuide®, the planning assistant will guide clinicians in taking their first steps towards working with their newly acquired SimPlant® treatment planning software. In addition to the PlanAssist sessions, SimPlant® users can equally enroll in locally organized SimPlant® training courses to deepen their understanding of the software. And last but not least, live one-on-one remote assistance sessions can be set up to answer any additional case planning questions.