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27 Apr 2011 - Materialise Dental launches LongStop Drill system for Universal and Pilot SurgiGuide

LongStop Drill system

The newly launched LongStop Drill system meets the needs of clinicians who plan for guided surgery and whose implantology drills are too short and/or do not allow for drill depth control. In combination with SimPlant treatment planning, implants of different brands can be placed with drill guidance and depth control - and with minimal investment.



The LongStop Drill system, used in combination with a Pilot SurgiGuide or a Universal SurgiGuide, covers drill lengths for any clinical situation and provides accurate drilling with depth control for any implant.

In combination with a Universal SurgiGuide, the LongStop Drills provide depth control for 3 diameters and 6 lengths. A dedicated set of Universal SurgiGuide Drill Keys provides for drill guidance – surgery can be carried out with the same SurgiGuide by merely changing drill and Drill Key.

A Pilot SurgiGuide for LongStop Drills provides depth control for the first drill diameter (all lengths). A Pilot SurgiGuide is available in a broad range of pilot drill diameters, and has been designed to offer swift and accurate pilot drill guidance for smaller and more straightforward cases. It is an entry solution offering clinicians optimal guidance during the often challenging initial drilling steps.

Lateral tube openings

Ever found that guided surgery is difficult when inter-occlusal space is limited? Together with the launch of the LongStop Drills, it is now also possible to order Universal SurgiGuide drill guides with lateral tube openings. The lateral tube openings allow entry of the drills from the buccal or lingual side, gaining a significant amount of inter-occlusal space.

Every implant case asks for a tailored approach. That is why Materialise Dental not only offers different SurgiGuide types of support (bone-, mucosa- and tooth-supported SurgiGuide drill guides), but also a variety of SurgiGuide solutions (SAFE, Universal and Pilot SurgiGuide). Special SurgiGuide types, such as bone reduction guides, are also available. Regardless of which SurgiGuide type of support and solution is selected, there’s something for every case, and esthetic perfection can be realized in a remarkably more time and cost-efficient environment.