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Anti Piracy Initiative

Materialise is well known for the quality and innovativeness of its products. We at Materialise are very proud of this and work hard to ensure that we can keep up with the market’s fast-moving demands. Obviously, it’s hard work. Because we’d like to reap the fruits of that work, we committed several years ago to combating software piracy, not without success. Though we’ve undertook the initial effort, we feel that partnering with our customers will make us stronger. That’s why we’re introducing the Anti Piracy Initiative, which will take the battle against piracy to the next level, ensuring your safety and product quality.

Help us ensure fair competition

Through its Anti Piracy Initiative, Materialise will protect its customers’ investment in Materialise software by ensuring fair competition and a stable, safe work environment. There are many disadvantages to the unlawful use of software: the ever-present risk of ending up with software that doesn’t work correctly or exposure to viruses, spyware or adware embedded in the pirated versions. Additionally, users of pirated software are denied access to technical support, training, upgrades and documentation. Last, since developers need to spend extra time on protecting the software against piracy instead of focusing on creating new technology, the use of pirated software drives up the costs for legitimate users.

However, before taking any penalty actions, Materialise expects and encourages unauthorized users to legalize their use of Materialise software. There are several ways to accomplish this. 

Report piracy

The disadvantages listed above demonstrate the importance of the lawful use of software. Legitimate software users can help Materialise fight piracy by reporting unauthorized use of Materialise software.

You can report suspected use (anonymously if you wish) on the piracy reporting webpage.

Materialise is a member of ITCA

Materialise is a member of the IT Compliance Association (ITCA). Through its collaboration with the ITCA, Materialise is part of an international network dedicated to promoting a safe, legal digital world. ITCA assist both software vendors and the users of their software, with services that aim at reducing under- and over-licensing. These services are commonly being referred to as “License compliance” or “License optimization”. In ITCA’s client list, most of the major developers of business software are represented, and they all participate in one or more of the global IT compliance programs. Learn more at www.itca.com.

What is software piracy?


Software piracy is the unauthorized use, reproduction or distribution of copyrighted or patented software. It includes using, downloading, copying or selling software without license or payment.